DKB VR Art Prize

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Nominated for VR ART PRIZE 2023


Anan Fries

Anan Fries works at the intersection of digital & performing arts. They are former artistic director of media-art collective machina eX, which designs immersive experiences. And they co-founded Henrike Iglesias, an experimental feminist performance collective. Anan Fries is currently researching hybrid aesthetics of phygital worldbuilding and is interested in relations of "nature" and technology. In collaboration with sound artist Malu Peeters they made the VR-essay [POSTHUMAN WOMBS], which was presented at IDFA DocLab, DOK Leipzig and GIFF.


© Portrait Anan Fires by Hairygaze

[Posthuman Wombs], 2022

[Posthuman Wombs] is a virtual essay, a tender trip into the belly of the pregnant Posthuman. Here, gender is not binary and nature and technology are not in opposition to one another. This pregnancy, rather, is technology. This body is fiction and reality. [Posthuman Wombs] is an autotheoretical exploration of a non-normative pregnancy and the desire to find a community in otherness. It is a speculation with a future in which all bodies can be pregnant.