DKB VR Art Prize

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5 Nominees for the VR ART PRIZE


Banz & Bowinkel

Giulia Bowinkel, together with Friedemann Banz, form the Berlin-based artist duo Banz & Bowinkel. In their work, Banz & Bowinkel focus on the computer as an everyday device and its influence on human culture. The focus here is on the perception of the world, which people understand as reality and is now simulated via the computer. With their work, Banz & Bowinkel question the concept of simulated reality and thereby human perception of the world in virtual space.



Evelyn Bencicova’s work is never quite what it first appears to be. Her photographs depict meticulously controlled compositions, characterised by an aesthetic sterility, tinged with poetic undertones of timeless desire and longing. Evelyn constructs compelling narrative scenarios that blur the lines between reality, memory, and imagination — ‘fiction based on truth’. Depicting multifaceted representations as illusions, Evelyn plays with the viewer’s perception to entice them into the labyrinth of her imagination. Her disturbingly beautiful visual language and washed-out colour palette, set within curiously symbolic environments, allow for a deep exploration of the themes that take her work and images far beyond what they reveal at first glance.



Detmering combines personal memories with artistic apparatus and philosophical references to create complex media installations. She uses digital media like 3D animations and live simulations, often exhibited in immersive environments consisting of found objects, sculptures, painting, and drawings that are rendered opprobrious within the overall narrative of the installation. In her recent work she tries to blur the fine line between the digital and analog worlds by pushing both to the edge of dissolution. In her search for unknown narratives, she is currently working with virtual reality in combination with artificial intelligence.


Armin Keplinger

Armin Keplinger works with digital image creation, video, and processual installations, as well as kinetic sculptures. He aims to unite audio and visual impulses to one strong immersive stream. Drastic shifts in form, material, time, and dimension and its power to change the perception of the viewers have always fascinated him. With ongoing affirmation, and the use of modern technology in the arts, virtual reality opens up a new stage to realise his ideas very quickly and effectively. As a digital tool that is not dependent of physical laws, it allows for a wide degree of freedom by the full control of light, movement, and scale.

In his artistic output he repetitively establishes dystopian and unsettling scenarios, as well as settings with the potential of obliteration - often with a reduced and minimalistic visual language  that creates a balance between abstraction and realism. Aside from a subconscious reflection of our time, Armin seeks to expose a sublime and monumental beauty that coexists in moments of annihilation. In its exaggerated depiction, he draws inspiration and power from menace - as long as it is experienced from a safe distance.



Lauren Moffatt is an Australian artist working between video, performance and immersive technologies. She explores the invisible aspects of experience and makes them visible and tangible for visitors. In particular she is interested in the transferral of mental space (emotions, memories, imagination) into virtual space. This interest tends to come out as environments that can be inhabited and interacted with on various levels, and she likes to make narratives that occupy both physical and virtual space. Her detailed paradoxical worlds are often populated by misfits, strange devices and artefacts.