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Patricia Detmering


Aporia, 2020

Patricia Detmering has been nominated for DKB's VR ART PRIZE with her virtual reality piece Aporia.


APORIA is a virtual world that speculates on the sociological processes behind open and closed societies. The work took inspiration from 'Crowds and Power' by Elias Canetti. The behavioural dynamics elaborated in the book are reproduced by the 60 individuals in the VR experience. They inhabit the world of APORIA as human avatars, moving and acting randomly according to artificial intelligence algorithms. APORIA’s residents can take decisions and actions on their own as they explore the surrounding environment. Some of them behave in a close-minded way, preferring to build walls and following a strong order principle. The other half is more tolerant, moving freely and unrestrictedly. Every one of them follows his own daily routine, until a disturbing factor is randomly introduced: another human avatar unknown to the others, a stranger. The response by the residents of APORIA may differ. Groups are formed and dispersed. Leaders are appointed and released. The social dynamics coming into play become the central focus of the work.

Listen to Patricia Detmering about her art work "Aporia"

profile Patricia Detmering

Patricia Detmering (b. 1980, Germany) Born in the former GDR, she studied fine arts at the HfbK Dresden until 2015 and graduated with honours. Her work engages with critical topics related to society, particularly relevant to her life. In her practice, Detmering often relies on digital media, intertwining it with paintings and sculptures that are frequently part of her installations. Today, she lives and works as a media artist in Berlin.


Her work has been exhibited in the Denver Film Society (US), the Chitose Festival, the Mujikobo Gallery in Tokyo (JP), the Wrong Biennale in Tel Aviv (ISR), and Valencia (ES). In Germany, she has exhibited at the Kunsthaus Erfurt, the Klosterruine, the Kindl Centre, and the Atelierhof Kreuzberg in Berlin. She received the ‘Deutschlandstipendium’, as well as various project scholarships from the Leinemann Stiftung, Talentschmiede Dresden, Kulturstiftung Dresden, and Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Mitte.