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Armin Keplinger


The ND-Serial, 2020

Armin Keplinger has been nominated for DKB's VR ART PRIZE with his virtual reality piece The ND-Serial.


THE ND-Serial, the latest work by Armin Keplinger, features a virtual blend of multiple VR experiences, investigating and expanding the definition of sculptural objects in virtual reality. The centre of his formal aesthetic investigation is marked by the use of five different unique kinetic bodies that are staged in the three-dimensional virtual space with its own possibilities and the absence of physical laws. The common thread of the work is the recurrent use of a thin, vertical, needle-shaped object that is arranged in different numbers and shapes to create a monolithic unit. The viewer is gently guided around the needle blocks. At times, sudden jumps are introduced to help establish new perceptions of scale and space, stability and fragility, abstraction and objectivity – disturbing the otherwise contemplative journey of the viewer. The surroundings of the virtual environment are modulated according to different layers of speed. In the seemingly lawless environment of THE ND-Serial, the last frontiers of virtual reality are stretched gracefully and effortlessly.

Listen to Armin Keplinger about his art work "THE ND-Serial"

Profile Armin Keplinger

Armin Keplinger (b. 1982, Linz, Austria) is a Berlin-based artist who focuses on digital image creation and state-of-the-art CGI techniques. In his practice, Keplinger explores the interaction between digital and physical spaces as well as the split between different stages of time. During recent years, Keplinger has focused his creative efforts on the intersection between physical and virtual space, with special emphasis on virtual reality. In his work, Keplinger relies on a minimalistic visual prose through artworks that constantly change forms and shapes in order to shift people’s perception.


His video works, sculptures and installations have been exhibited at the Winzavod Moscow Contemporary Art Center (RUS), Opéra National de Paris (FR), Saatchi Gallery (UK) and Hessel Museum of Art (USA), among others. Keplinger is part of the collective A/A with Andreas Greiner and is currently represented by synthesis gallery.